Friday, May 23, 2014

Our children's future; big student loans and Mickey D employment prospects

We've ranted about this before, but it bears repeating; there is no viable future in condemning the next generation to minimum wage shit jobs while they're trying to pay off their student loans.

That's gonna turn an entire generation into flaming commies!

Mickey D's CEO Don Thompson is one guy who doesn't buy into this commie crap. He totally believes $7.25 an hour is a fair wage.

Mind you, he is personally in the ten millions a year range, so he may not quite see things the way one of his burger-flippers does.

(By the way, they don't actually flip the burgers at McDonald's anymore...)

That's where we're at in US media. The $7.25 an hour folks can't pay their light and heat and rent, let alone their student loans...

But the ten million a year CEO is right there to set the record straight...

How reassuring!

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