Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The importance of a proper sight-in for your firearms

I was sitting on the front stoop having a smoke the other day, because that's the only place in the house the Farm Manager will allow me to have one.

Only it's not even in the house!

See how they grind us down?

So while I was out there I'd been letting off the odd burst from the Panther AP4 I'd just added to my collection.

That's a nice piece of hardware, let me tell you.

But I'm just sitting there in the chair on the stoop, when I notice a racoon moseying in the general direction of the chicken coop we fabbed onto the near side of the barn.

Hmm... we been losing chickens lately...

Gonna have a surprise for that 'coon in a minute or two when he comes outa that barn with one of my chickens clamped in his chomps.

Now I should spell out that the barn is about 200 yards from the stoop wherefrom I view this scene, and the drive is about in the middle.

Sure enough, here comes Mr. Racoon out the henhouse... and I stand up and have him in my sights, just over the roof of the Jeep, which is parked in the drive.

In my sights...

I loose a burst...

Racoon drops the chicken and scurries away. Musta missed.

But there's seven or eight holes in the hind-end of the Jeep.

What the fuck?

Whoever did the last sight-in on this puppy had her about five feet to the left and five feet down at a hundred yards!

I head over to investigate, and by god, when you have been addicted to cigarettes for your entire adult life you don't even know it, and it was just as I tossed my butt away that I realized the gas tank is leaking...

Well holy shit! That fireball coulda burned my eyeballs out! Luckily I closed my eyes in time and when the Emergency Response guys found me in the bushes a couple of hours later, at least my eye-lids worked.

And my eyes too, truth be told. Right now I can see a sling apparatus of some sort holding my ass end off the bed, and over to my right, but I can't quite turn my head enough to see it because of the neck brace, there's a buzzer I can hit when I need the attention of the nursing station.

I could go on, but I think my point was you should take the time to sight in that new gun properly.

Now you know what can happen when you don't.

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