Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Western media green-light anti-Muslim genocide in Nigeria

Here's a headline ripped from a mainstream Canadian news outlet, the National Post; Vigilante groups killing suspected Boko Haram militants...

Who do you think might qualify as a "suspected" Boko Haram militant? Any Muslim within reach of a bloodthirsty mob?

And all those US/UK/Canadian "helpers" who have magically appeared on the ground in Nigeria, without any discussion in their home countries or in the UN, who are they fighting? Boko Haram of course; the evildoers who kidnap innocent schoolgirls. And how are they to distinguish between the genuine Boko Haram terrorist and a mere suspect?

They can't, of course.

Luckily, Nigeria has the kind of massive oil resources that can readily be called upon to indemnify the occasional mistake.

Hey, if ya gotta fight terror, that's the perfect place to do it!

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