Saturday, May 24, 2014

The last Lick's standing

Up until very recently, Lick's Burgers was an up-and-coming burger brand in the Toronto area. Founder Denise Meehan carved a niche for herself that promised to shake up a market dominated by you-know-who.

Then it all went down the shitter.

The last Lick's standing, so far as I know, is on the west side of Spadina near the University of Toronto. The proprietor is an affable Iranian expat, and his right-hand man is a youngish Jewish chick who balances her studies at U of T with full time employment at Lick's.

Talk about an odd couple!

Hoonan the Iranian went rogue on Denise Meehan a couple of years ago, when it became obvious that head office had gone rogue on him. He's still flying the Lick's flag, but due to legal considerations that may not last much longer.

But while it does, pop into the last Lick's standing and enjoy one of their old-school "homeburgers" while you can.

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