Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Rogue Libyan General" on CIA payroll for thirty years?

There's a story breaking this morning about a rogue General in Libya attempting to overthrow the imaginary government in Tripoli. A certain Major General Khalifa Belqasim Haftar has thus far sacked the parliament buildings and attacked the base of a nearby Islamist militia.

If the name rings a bell it should; this story from BusinessInsider three years ago poses the rhetorical question, is the good General the CIA's man in Libya?

What is known for sure is that whoever's man he may be, he spent a comfortable twenty years or so living the good life in a small Virginia community a short commute from Langley. I know! We mustn't jump to conclusions! Just because a semi-retired Libyan Major General lives near Langley doesn't mean a gosh-darned thing!

Nick Turse recently wrote a story about the pending AFRICOM mission to train up a new Libyan army. Perhaps Maj-Gen Khalifa couldn't wait? There is also information linking him to the CIA sponsored coup that took out the Habre regime in Chad in 1990, which would link him to The Agency even before his sojourn in Virginia.

So while the General may indeed have gone "rogue", it's also possible that he is just following orders... from Langley.

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