Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Ontario election; voting for the lesser dorkshit

It's nothing but fear, loathing, and more loathing here in the promised land as we prepare to exercise our democratic franchise.

As a principled non-voter I bring a nuanced outsider's perspective to this electoral race.

Trust me, they're all dorkshits.

Horvath precipitated this election by thinking she had some clout with Wynn in approving the last budget. Wynn called her bluff, and here we go.

That caught perennially unprepared Tim Hudak unprepared. Hudak is a blast of Thatcherite nostalgia campaigning on cutting government jobs and corporate taxes. Because that'll create jobs. Because look at how well it's worked everywhere the gullible voters have fallen for the ruse.


I'd have to google the Green Party to find out the name of their leader, so I'm not going to dignify such a pathetic excuse for a political party by making the effort.


As for Horvath, Wynn gifted her the dream NDP budget and instead of running with it, she decided to hold her breath and hold out for more.


Which brings us back to Wynn. Climbing out of the PR hole Dorkshit Dalton dug for her has been no mean feat. Not that she is out of it by any stretch, but she is making some progress.


It's a tough call, but Wynn is clearly the best of a bad lot...

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