Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ontario needs Tim Hudak?

Yes we do, according to the Toronto Sun.

Hudak gonna set things right by firing 100,000 lazy-ass civil servants!

Chop down the corporate tax rate to next-to-nothing to boot, and by God, there's gonna be a jobs bonanza right here in the promised land!

A million new private sector jobs!

One shudders to imagine the nature of those million jobs. Yes, you could cut the corporate tax rate to zero, and yes, that would attract a few corporate bottom-feeders who would create a few minimum wage jobs. Is that really what Ontario needs?

Hudak's race-to-the-bottom strategy has failed everywhere it's been implemented. This is just the latest recycled version of the old Thatcher-Reagan trickle-down. You remember that; be nice to rich folks and eventually that niceness gonna trickle down on the regular folks...

Rich folks will of course love that strategy. It works for them. It frees up a little more cash to donate to the pols who are prepared to do their bidding.

Here's the trouble with trickle-down economics; the rich get richer and the rest of us just get soaked.

Ontario does not need Tim Hudak.

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