Sunday, May 11, 2014

What Ukraine could learn from Canada

Unfortunately, I don't think the "Canada model" is very likely to be foregrounded by the war-mongering cretins of the Harper gang.

Harper, Baird, et al have gone out of their way to declare their support for the illegal coup in Ukraine. Several factors drive this. One is the reality of many hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian-Canadian voters possibly playing a pivotal role in the next federal election.

Another is the fantasy harboured by certain policy makers around Harper that Europe and Ukraine can be weaned off their reliance on Gazprom, because Canada can step up and replace Russia as a source for the natural gas that Europe depends on to power its factories and heat its homes.

And we can. All we have to do is build a pipeline from the gas fields to the coast, build a LNG terminal, and build a fleet of LNG tankers.

If all the toast lands butter-side-up we should be good to go in about twenty or thirty years!

In the meantime, there is something Ukraine could learn from Canada. Quebec is universally recognized as both a "distinct society" and at the same time an integral part of Canada. Yes, the possibility of separation hangs in the air always, but life goes on.

So the referenda in eastern Ukraine that were universally condemned by mainstream Western media today who all got the outrage memo from Jen Psaki, could be seen in the same light as a Quebec referendum on separation.

Life will go on...

Put the guns and the war rhetoric away already!

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