Saturday, May 24, 2014

Phooey to Louis

Louis Proyect styles himself The Unrepentant Marxist. While he may well be unrepentant, there is certainly room for discussion about what sort of Marxist he was/is.

His most recent missive seeks to disparage any hope of a left-right convergence. Ralph Nader is the specific target of Louis' wrath.

Back in the day I used to hate Ralph Nader. He was the guy who killed the Corvair - America's answer to the Porsche 911. In the decades since I've more or less come around to the view that Ralph did every potential Corvair purchaser a huge service by killing it before it killed us.

Along the way, Ralph did the progressive side a huge service with his Public Interest Research Groups. That's now become the equivalent of a service club on a lot of university campuses.

Go Ralph!

So Louis is pissed that Ralph is talking about a left-right convergence. Ralph is inviting folks to his get-togethers that Louis would never deign to talk to.

Get over yourself, Louis. Progress is made when people talk to people they see as their enemies. Talking to the converted is a feel-good exercise that feels good but doesn't have a chance of advancing anything.

Talking to your enemies can change everything.

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