Sunday, March 15, 2015

3917 fans turn out to watch Canadian university men's basketball championship

Yup, that would be the Big One in Canadian college hoops. The Championship. The last tryst for all the marbles. All the bragging rights.

3917 fans.

I don't think there's a college in the entire US of A that has a lower average attendance at regular season games. The powerhouse schools like Kentucky and Syracuse average over 20,000 during the regular season.

As "March Madness" gathers steam south of the border, you won't see a game in the never-ending play-off that isn't a sell-out. The NCAA tournament sells out every game in its 67 game championship.

Yet here in Canada, where basketball was invented, you get 3917 fans showing up at the grand finale.

No wonder all the top Canadian basketball talent is playing in the USA by the time they're 14 years old.

In case you care, the Carleton Ravens beat down UO 93-46... in front of 3917 fans.

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