Friday, March 13, 2015

A day in the life of a penis broker

After pondering the ramifications of the last blog-post, I have come to realize that the new occupation of penis broker, made possible by the stellar work of the folks at the U of Stellenbosch, could lead to all sorts of unexpected hilarity.

So you're the penis broker, and a call comes in from Shanghai General; they're looking for a pecker.

"Well, all I got in the freezer at the moment is a ten inch black one..."

There is a moment of silence on the line.

Then, "that's not ideal... our transplant recipient is a five foot tall oriental gentleman, but if that's all you got, we'll take it."

Couple of years later, a Chinese dude nick-named "Blackie" is making a name for himself along the Shanghai night-club strip...

And Philippe Rushton is spinning in his grave.

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