Monday, March 23, 2015

Terrorists or drug-addled 'tards? Latest Canadian terror case goes to the jury

With friends like John Nuttall and Amanda Kordory, ISIS really doesn't need enemies.

According to this story at the Globe and Mail, the RCMP entrapment team had a hunch they were dealing with retards. Not only were the retards retarded, they were heroin addicts!

Well, full steam ahead then!

Frankly, I think everyone on that entrapment team should be ashamed of themselves.

Why feel empathy for the weakest links in society when you can, at great expense, set them up as patsies in yet another terror sting?

Because Big Steve needs terror threats to take the eyes of the electorate off the faltering economy, and also because all these self-radicalized retarded people make it plain that every patriotic Canadian should give up what's left of their rights to the odious Bill C-51 Police State legislation.

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