Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is sanity rearing its unwelcome head in the capitals of old Europe?

For some time the esteemed journalist Pepe Escobar has been hammering away at the thesis that Germany is primed to turn her back on NATO and make peace with Putin.

I admire Escobar's work, and time generally proves his unconventional analyses more often right than wrong, even though he is at times so far ahead of the curve it's hard to wrap your head around what he's saying.

So along comes Mike Whitney with a great essay at Counterpunch today, calling out NATO boss General Breedlove as a war-mongering fabulist, and using a recent story in Der Spiegel to flesh out Escobar's thesis.

Makes a lot of sense. How is it in Germany's interest (or Italy's, France's...) to do the dirty work for America's "get Putin" campaign?

It quite simply is not, and no amount of NATO propaganda will change that.

I totally missed how the suggestion of a "EU Army" was a back-handed slap at NATO when I first heard of the proposal, but after reading Whitney's article it makes perfect sense.

NATO is far past its best-before date, and any action that can speed its demise can only be a blow for peace.

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