Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another drawback of arranged marriages; groom attempts to drown himself after meeting ugly bride at altar

At least here in the Nations of Virtue, one generally gets to meet the bride before tying the knot.

This story doesn't spell out what happened after groom-boy was fished out of the water and resuscitated. Did he honour his parents and go through with the marriage?

If so, one is left to wonder how the newly-weds would work around this awkward beginning.

If not, one can only assume that he remains sullied by the dishonour he has brought on his folks.

He has no choice but to kill himself again.

Having had a couple of non-arranged marriages that only worked out for the legal community, I've long had a soft spot for the concept of arranged marriages. Yes, it takes away the freedom of choice from the betrothed.

But it also takes away the burden of choice.

When things don't work out, you can just blame your parents!

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