Wednesday, March 11, 2015

There is hope in the Holy Land

For the first time in generations, there is a realistic hope that peace will descend on the Holy Land.

The cult of Netanyahu seems poised for the dust-bin of history.

Even with that audacious end-run around Der Schwartze, it looks like Bibi's fortunes are failing.


Netanyahu has created a country that's not too bad a place to live in for the rich diaspora folks who buy a third or fourth home in Israel as a token gesture, and the settlers who enjoy lavish subsidies courtesy of the US taxpayer, but it's become a rather unpleasant uphill slog for the vast majority of young Israelis looking to make a go of it.

Netanyahu's relentless flogging of the "terror" card has not helped on any level. It's not an issue for the folks who can decamp to their other place in Miami or Montreal, but again, the younger generation doesn't have that option.

Hopefully a new leadership can take the helm after 17 March, and create a land that lives up to its promise.

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