Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chicago Bulls beat Yemen and the Raps

Tonight I was following the Bulls-Raptors game on the TV while simultaneously following the Saudi assault on Yemen on my laptop.

The Raps played a good three periods and then gave the game away.


Meanwhile, things were taking a turn for the worse over in our worst nightmare, the Middle East.

Yemen has been a long-time recipient of cutting edge US nurturing for a long time, which is why the country is in the process of going down the shitter even as I write these words.

Yemen has been the testing ground for American theories of anti-terrorism warfare, and also the testing ground for the latest in drone tech innovations.

So Yemen owes America a huge debt of gratitude.

How that will play out remains to be seen.

And here's an aside from court-side; I only very recently put two and two and Noah together to figure out that the Bull with the impressive man-bun is the spawn of Yannick, the tennis dude you used to see all over the top tennis tournaments twenty-five years ago.

But back to Yemen. The "legitimate" government is a made-in-USA propaganda exercise.

Opposition has come to mean the Houti/Shia/Iran nexus...

Oh lookee, we got us another proxy war in the Middle East!

The war profiteers are ramping up production; both sides will need to be re-supplied!

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