Wednesday, March 11, 2015

From frozen pipes to flooded basement in a record-setting 18 hours!

It's been a record-setting winter here in the Great White North...

Record cold.

Record snowfall.

That "global warming" is one nasty bitch!

So when the weather guys came out with that tantalizing prediction of above-freezing temperatures the other day, for the first time since mid-December, I braced myself for the worst.

We're somewhat flood-prone here at Falling Downs. This 100 year old farm-house doesn't drain the rain away from the foundation the way a new build would. Or the snow melt.

I was therefore anticipating a foot or two of water in the basement. An inch or two is not that big a deal. I rig up my pump, aim the hose out the basement window, and we've got the water to a manageable level in 15 minutes.

A foot or two is another matter. Once the motor on the furnace is under water, well, you got troubles...

I know because we been there.

With this record setting cold giving way to seasonal temperatures overnight, I was primed for the worst-case scenario.


A wee bit of weepage where the floor meets the wall, but that started to recede within hours.

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you Lord!

But we seem to be on a roll here at Falling Downs... While I was excavating firewood out of the eight foot drift behind the woodshed, I realized that the F-150, totally submerged since December, was at least three quarters visible, due to the rapid melting of the snow.

On a whim, I dug open the door and gave the key a twist... and HOLY SHIT, SHE FIRED RIGHT UP!

It's gonna be a good year here at Falling Downs!

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