Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Harper gang up a stump on immigration dilemma

Here's the problem; on the one hand, the Harperites are committed to keeping the immigration taps wide open. It keeps the labour market pliable.

They are then obligated to troll for the immigrant vote, because once the immigrants are here, they eventually gain citizenship and vote, in many cases with greater zeal than third or forth or tenth generation Canadians. That requires a bevy of humane strategies to accommodate the interests of that immigrant vote.

That bevy of humane strategies is in turn anathema to the Harper base, the Archie Bunker crowd who love Big Steve's "tough on crime" posturing and his anti-Muslim initiatives, but would be aghast if they realized how many of their "hard earned tax dollars" were spent on recent immigrants.

According to the Globe and Mail, the Harper gang are in default mode on the matter; hide the facts and change the subject.

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