Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Miracle in Holy Land - Jehovah grants Netanyahu fourth term!

He truly is the greatest leader since Moses!

What accounts for the most miraculous comeback since Ali whupped Foreman in Kinshasa? Why, nothing other than Netanyahu's increasingly racist appeals to the extreme right over the past week and continuing even while voting was in progress.

Yes, the filthy Arabs are voting in droves... they must be stopped! Vote Likud and the Lord will increase you more and more...

It worked.

Here's what it means going forward.

Increased settlement activity in West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Increased isolation of Israel on world stage.

Increased traction for BDS.

Increased tension with the only patron state that counts.

Increased likelihood of more wars on Gaza.

Increased popularity of Hamas.

Increased marginalization of moderate Palestinian leadership.

Increased alienation of Israeli Arab population...

My, what a glorious victory!

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