Saturday, March 7, 2015

Harper's grandstanding in Iraq claims first Canadian casualty

With an election on the horizon, PM "Big Steve" Harper has been leaning on the after-burners full time to impress on the Canadian public that his government is the only government Canadians can count on to get tough on crime, tough on terror, etc.

That's why his government committed to spending at least 122 millions for the first six months of an open-ended campaign to help Hezbollah, Iran, and the Kurds battle Islamic State extremists in Iraq. While the behind-the-scenes machinations of who is fighting whom are a veritable dog's breakfast, the simple story coming out of the PMO is that we gotta do this for the sake of preserving "Canadian values."

While the Kurds may not share many of those cherished values, they apparently appreciate the Canadian training so much that they shot up a platoon of our trainers today, resulting in the death of Sgt. Andy Doiron and injuries to a number of other Canadians.

The PMO was quick to make political hay out of Doiron's tragic death, reminding Canadians that "our government" takes Canada's security seriously, thereby implying that a government led by Trudeau or Mulcair wouldn't. His statement is larded with the usual bromides about how we value our men and women in uniform, when the actual track record of this government has consistently proven the opposite.

Sgt. Doiron didn't sacrifice his life to preserve Canadian values; he sacrificed his life for the Prime Minister's re-election campaign.

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