Thursday, March 26, 2015

Canada "under siege" by ISIL

I was driving home this afternoon after taking the Stihl to the chain-saw doctor, when the CBC news comes on, and I hear that Canada is under siege.

Yup, apparently the towel-heads of terror, ISIL/ISIS/Islamic State are besieging us...

Holy shit!

Is even safe to head home?

Should I turn back and head for the Bayshore Inn and hunker down at the bar till the siege is broken?

Under siege...

That conjures up images of the Warsaw ghetto... Stalingrad... oh my God, it's gotta be bad if we're under siege!

Against my better judgement, I continued homeward! Luckily, I did not encounter any toweller check-points along the way.


Guess I missed the bullet this time!

Hmm... maybe we're not actually under any ISIL siege after all.

Maybe we're just besieged by Harperite bullshit designed to stir us up and put some fear into us... loosen us up to vote Conservative in the upcoming election.

After all, it's only the Harper gang that recognizes the imminent threat that the radical Jihadists represent.

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