Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Finally, some good news for a change

I'm not one to burden Canada's "free" health care system with unnecessary visits to the doctor. Far from it. In fact, when I went in for a visit the other day the dude noted that I had successfully deferred my annual check-up for four years!

I would have been happy to defer it even longer, but alas, my strategy of wheedling prescription renewals over the phone had hit the wall.

Now, as the regular reader well knows, I'm not much for Big Pharma and prescriptions and all that shit, but I do have a blood pressure issue that is mitigated by the regular consumption of a particular combination of Big Pharma products that seems to work, as evidenced by the fact that I'm not dead yet.

So I was delighted beyond belief to find this spot of good news. Seems that folks with low blood pressure hit higher speeds on the Alzheimer Highway! That means having high blood pressure slows ya down!


Pour me another rye 'n coke baby, we gonna party tonight!

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