Thursday, March 12, 2015

Old Vic Toews may be sharper than we thought

Old Vic always came across as a bit of a dullard.

Not the sharpest crayon in the Crayola carton...

Not the sharpest bulb in the tool-shed...

Vic was an old-school ultra-rightist. You can never be too tough on crime, even if you have to invent it. Unions are the lynch-pin of society's downfall. But he was a loyal Harperite, and got his reward when fellow-Harperite Justice Minister Peter MacKay handed him a judgeship last year.

There are now allegations floating around that Old Vic may have cashed in during his political career, and in ways that, strictly speaking, may have been "illegal."

That must be an awkward allegation to have floating about when you're a federally appointed judge...

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