Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Big Steve; Warrior King

It's becoming way too obvious that Steven Harper is prepping up to present himself as the "Warrior King" in the next election, coming up in a mere six months or less.

The one year extension to the Iraq mission, expanding into Syria by the way, and expanding to boots-on-the-ground at the next expansion, is a one year expansion for good reason. It forces Mulcair and Trudeau to fight the next election on the Warrior King's turf.

Right off the bat, the opposition are up against it. It would tremendously empower them if the escalation went badly for Canadian troops... but you'd be dead in the water if you were ever suspected of wishing our troops ill just to improve your chances in the political arena.

In effect, Harper is using our brave men and women in uniform as a political pawn.

And he's moving them into position just in time for campaign season.

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