Monday, March 23, 2015

Ted "the Canuck" Cruz declares 2016 White House run!

It's about time the 2016 campaign got a little wind in its sails... I was starting to worry I wouldn't have anything to write about for the next year and a half.

Look at yesterday; basketball and weather?... that's desperation!

But aye laddie, 'tis an ill wind fills those sails. It'll be interesting to see if a candidate emerges to the right of the Canuck. (Cruz was in fact deported from the Socialist State of Canada at the age of four because of his "incompatible reactionary tendencies," according to secret RCMP files on the matter.)

Check out his bona fides:

On Iran: nuke 'em.

On Israel: God's chosen people.

On abortion: no way.

On Obamacre: no way; if God had wanted poor people to have health care He wouldn't let them get sick.

On America: Cruz promises to "make America great again!"

Now hold on a minute there Ted.... whadya mean again? That sounds a bit unpatriotic. Don't you know that America has only 5 % of the world's population but 30% of the world's billionaires and THE BIGGEST MILITARY BUDGET IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY!!!

That sounds pretty darn great to me!

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