Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ontario PCs banking on retardation of electorate

I see where wanna-be Preem Christine Elliot is trying to fire up the voters with the promise of lower corporate tax rates.

This is her "economic plan."

How retarded does she think we are?

If lowering corporate tax rates led to good outcomes in the economy, the last forty years of lowering corporate tax rates would have led to us living in a utopia!

Are we?

Apparently not; here's a timely headline from the CBC; Job quality in Canada at 25 year low says CIBC.

So one of the big banks has discovered that the course we've been on for the last two or three generations has resulted in lots of shit jobs and an impoverished middle class, and Christine Elliott plans to get elected by doing more of the same?

In a way it's almost a moot point; corporations of any consequence all offshore their profits into zero-tax tax havens anyway, so till we drop the corporate tax to zero, none of this foolish talk will make an iota of difference.

And once we've done that, we'll still have to match the likes of Scott Walker in Wisconsin if we're to be serious competitors in the race to the bottom.

Maybe it's time to try something different.

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