Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A dark tide sweeps towards Europe

Sensationalistic headlines the length and breadth of the EU are proclaiming that Europe is under threat. Yes, a dark (skinned) tide is washing ashore, and if that news isn't bad enough, it seems most of that tide is comprised of MUSLIMS!!!

Judging by the tone of much of this alarmist reporting, we're just a few years away from seeing the demise of the European way of life, whatever that means.

Lets get a grip.

The EU is a vast expanse of space with a population of 500 millions. If ten thousand undocumented souls were to successfully wade ashore every single week of 2015, by the end of the year you'd have seen an increase of .01 in the population.

That doesn't seem to justify the panicky headlines.

Nevertheless, the leaders of those EU Nations of Virtue have a plan; send those migrants back where they came from!

Which brings up an interesting conundrum. The leading sources of this dark tide are Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and various nations in sub-Saharan Africa - every one of them a country that the Nations of Virtue have fucked up, either through the colonialism of a by-gone era or the neo-colonialism and endless war-mongering of today.

Even the most rudimentary concept of justice would demand that the very nations who protest that they are being overrun should take the initiative in righting the wrongs they've inflicted on Africa and the Middle East.

Instead, they talk about "solving" the problem by building refugee camps in Niger and Sudan.

Sheer stupidity!

These migrants should be welcomed with open arms. First of all, imagine the sheer determination and resourcefulness required to find your way from Somalia or Ghana onto European soil. Those folks got big-time get-up-and-go!

Compare that to the initiative and ambition demonstrated by large swathes of your youth population in the so-called blighted areas of the Continent. They've got about enough get-up-and-go to find a bottle of liquor, and then they're done for the day.

Secondly, with a couple of notable exceptions, the EU nations are failing to reproduce their own populations. Europeans are a dying breed... they need these migrants!

The think tank here at Falling Downs says throw the gates wide open! In fifty years Europe will indeed have a darker hue... but the food will be tastier and the music will be more interesting.

Sounds like a good thing!

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