Monday, April 20, 2015

Canada's responsibility to protect those brown people drowning in the Mediterranean

Unless you're brain dead or too busy playing video games to take notice of the real world, you'll be aware that there's been a massive spike in the numbers of desperate Africans drowning in the sea between Libya and Italy.

Again, unless you're brain dead, you'll be aware that desperate asylum seekers from Africa were a relative novelty on Libya's shores before we liberated Libya from the evil Ghaddafi. That's because the evil dictator actually ran the country. He was the boss of a country that worked, and worked relatively well.

We changed all that.

And while we still have a few marginalized academic types arguing for the blessings of the R2P liberation we bestowed on Libya, most of the world can see that Libya has been utterly destroyed.

She is a failed state in every way.

So my question is this; do the nations that conspired to destroy Libya bear any responsibility for the carnage now unfolding as one boat-load of asylum-seekers after another goes down between Libya and Europe?

The think-tank here at Falling Downs says yes we do. And the "we" would most definitely include Canada, where we were chuffed beyond belief that a Canadian General was put in charge of the bombing campaign against that doomed state.

Pottery Barn rules should apply; we broke it...

If you're a desperate African refugee who makes it to Libya, the Nations of Virtue who destroyed Libya owe you something.

Safe passage.

A place to settle.

A responsibility to protect you.

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