Friday, April 10, 2015

Blowing hard at Falling Downs

Every now and then you have to take a break from saving the world and slandering the one percenters.

Ya, I know it's important work, but what the fuck.... by the way, I believe that's known as a "WTF" in modern parlance. I think I'm starting to catch on. I'm far from with-it but give me another six months and I'll be far-gone.

When I get tired of saving humanity I relax with a spot of pro sports. Got the Masters on the flat screen at the moment. Remember when Mikey won the Masters?

How the fuck (HTF?) did that ever happen?

Here at Falling Downs we are tucked in to the bowels of a hundred year old farmhouse. It's warm and cosy inside; wild and crazy-windy outside.

We just came out from under a "wind warning" tonight. A little south of us, they had tornado warnings. A little south of that, they had tornadoes.

We should be OK.

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