Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Connecting the dots between convicted child porn pervert and the new Ontario sex-ed curriculum

Convicted child-porn aficionado Ben Levin wasn't just another schmuck who fancied child porn. No, he was a dude who had a serious position of responsibility (I believe that's a "POR" in educational jargon) within the educational establishment. In fact, he was way up the totem pole; Deputy Minister of Education in the province of Ontario.

That's why I'm puzzled by the lack of attention to the connections between Mr. Levin and the new Ontario sex-ed curriculum, a curriculum that's generating a fair bit of controversy.  Frankly, I think a lot of that controversy is naive and misplaced. Those Campaign Life Coalition types seem completely unaware that their kids have had unlimited access to the hardest of hard-core porn since they first had internet access. You're getting riled up because the new curriculum is teaching about anal sex in grade seven?

Well, if you're a parent who got little Billy or Billy-Jean a smart-phone when they were in grade three, the ins and outs of annal sex are gonna be old news to them by grade seven!

But it does strike me that guys like Levin would be exactly the type of folks who would take a great deal of interest in having innumerable focus groups re: what age is the right age to teach the kiddies about the importance of lubrication...

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