Thursday, April 9, 2015

Montreal cops court backlash over heavy-handed anti-student strategies

Once again the students with the lowest tuitions in all of Canada are putting up the biggest fuss over escalating tuitions.

Makes you wonder what's wrong with the youth in the rest of the dominion...

Apathy and passivity are attributes much prized in the Canada of 2015.

The student activists have been trying to hold sit-ins and marches.

The harsh hand of the law has grabbed them by the scruff of the neck, given them a good shake, and asked them to really seriously ponder the ramifications of their delusions.

To rethink the error of their ways.

Apparently previous protests went awry when masked Black Bloc "anarchists" started wrecking stuff.

Of course!

Bearing in mind that wherever you've got four or five masked Black Bloc "anarchists," you got at least three or four police informants, it's not hard to see that the Big Dogs are trying to bury a bone that they know could come back to bite them.

The Montreal protesters are asking us why access to post-secondary education should be determined by the credit rating of the applicant's parents.

That's pretty much what "getting into a good school" has come to mean.

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