Friday, April 3, 2015

Raising the bar at Falling Downs

We may have raised the bar, but I fear we may have alienated our base.

Yup, these small time blogs that nobody reads grapple with the same kind of issues that haunt the big political parties.

The Dems have a base. People with post-secondary educations.

The GOP base is born-again Christians who forgot to read the New Testament.

In Canada, the Conservative base is people who wished they lived in the US, at least if that black guy wasn't in the White House.

The Liberal base is made up of folks who have fond memories of Trudeau's dear daddy.

The NDP base is the folks with post-secondary educations.

The Green Party base just went out for a breath of fresh air and will be back in a minute.

Our base here at Falling Downs is the literate hillbilly crowd.

Ya I know, "crowd" is totally the wrong word...

But we did something today that might alienate our base...

We no longer have a broke-down washing machine on the front porch.

We are now counting on the various parts cars scattered about the property to maintain our hillbilly cred.

Not sure how that's gonna work out. As a matter of fact, me and Junior spent the afternoon with booster cables and ether re-arranging the fleet, and pretty much everything still runs, at least with a little bit of encouragement.

Oddly enough, some guy from Albrights Auto Wreckers left his business card in the door the other day. Apparently he had his greedy eye on our fleet. Underlined the part where it said "scrap."

I don't have no scrap around here, Mr. Albright.

At the moment, my weakest link is the old Allis loader/back-hoe. While it is true that she has not been functional for a couple of years, that is no reason to conclude she will not rise again. I am 99% sure that the non-functionality stems from a relatively minor wiring flaw somewhere in the ignition circuit.

You don't dispatch a family member of a quarter century's standing to the scrap-yard for a minor wiring flaw.
That ain't happening around here...

So while some challenges lie ahead, at least the Farm Manager will be gratified that there is no longer a broke-down washing machine on the front porch... did I mention that washing machine was a Kenmore not five years old?

Don't even get me started on how they build shit today....

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