Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Moderate" Arab dictator gets two thumbs up from Canadian media

Jordan's King Abdullah II is just the kind of guy Canada should pitch in to support and sustain, according to the wankers at the SunPostMedia conglomerate.

After all, while he may not be too popular at home, he is muchly loved in " the West," which is all the proof we need that we should give him lots of guns and money...

At least according to the twats at SunPostMedia.

So we're off on another so-called "training mission." Why Jordan needs the Canadian Forces to train them up is not a question asked or answered. Obviously, Jordanian troops are far more experienced in fighting terrorists, insurgents, and just plain ordinary domestic malcontents than the Canadian Forces.

But none the less, Big Steve has committed us to another front in a war that is none of our business.

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