Monday, April 20, 2015

Lloyd Axworthy keeps head up ass re: Canada's culpability for Libya fiasco

It was sad to see former FM Lloyd Axworthy waxing wise in a Globe and Mail opinion piece last week about how Canada's participation (widely hailed as "leadership" in this country, although it was nothing of the sort) in the destruction of Libya proves the R2P concept was indeed a great idea.

Lloyd was primarily responding to Louise Arbour, a fellow Canadian jurist who's career has by far eclipsed his own. Ms. Arbour recently went on the record as having grave misgivings about the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine.

That's the odious bit of tomfoolery that makes it "right" for big strong countries to invade weaker ones on the pretext of "protecting" people in that weaker country who are under possible threat by a leader we don't like.

According to Axworthy, we were right to bomb Ghadaffi into the dust-bin of history because he was about to unleash a holocaust on his critics.

Of course he was. Ghadaffi unleashed blood-curdling threats against his critics every time he stood up to make a speech. Yet, in forty years at the helm, his victims number in the thousands, not the hundreds of thousands or millions that can be reasonably attributed to various members of the Nations of Virtue club that Axworthy speaks for.

In the meantime, the Libyan people enjoyed the highest standard of living in all Africa.

What are they enjoying now that we've "saved" them from their leader?

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