Thursday, April 30, 2015

Canadian gets NBA Rookie of the Year

Let this be the moment we recognize that hockey is NOT the national religion.

Especially if you're a Leafs fan in South Ontario.

More and more kids who grew up on hockey are making basketball their first choice.

More and more grown-ups who grew up on hockey now watch the NBA instead of the NHL.

On those nights where you got a NBA playoff game and a NHL playoff game in the same time-slot, hey, chances are a lot of folks are going to watch the NBA. And I mean a lot of folks who came up watching hockey.

There's reasons for that.

First off, hockey's getting more boring. The Ken Dryden types who want to totally over-intellectualize the game have taken the high ground.

Meanwhile, you've got more and more Canadians reaching the top tier in the NBA.

So even old-school hockey nuts would rather spend the evening with Wiggins and the Timberwolves than spend another minute watching Phaneuf and Kessel.

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