Saturday, April 4, 2015

About Canada's retarded foreign policy

Anyone who follows news from more than the usual North American mainstream platforms already knows that the Shia militias that congealed around the anti-US resistance post 2003 Iraq were really nasty sons of bitches.


So fast forward to today, and we've got these nasty sons of bitches doing our dirty work rooting out IS from Tikrit.

According to Big Steve, we gotta bomb ISIL in Syria because... well, we're not quite sure, but we all agree that those Islamic State dudes are really really bad so we gotta bomb them...

What we're doing is providing air support for the Shia militias who are doing the dirty work in rooting out IS.

The guys we are supporting are in every aspect as vile as the guys we are bombing.

This is not our business, this is not our war.

Why is Stephen Harper dragging us into this?

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