Friday, April 3, 2015

A tale of two navies

Two navies. Two headlines on the same day.

Chinese navy helps hundreds of foreign nationals evacuate war-torn Yemen. According to the story, Canada was among the nations requesting assistance in evacuating their nationals from that country.

But wait, doesn't Canada have its own navy?

Yes, but they're otherwise preoccupied.

Canadian navy helps intercept cocaine near Costa Rica. It's a matter of priorities, and the brain trust in Ottawa obviously isn't going to let a few "Canadians" of dubious authenticity distract them from the War on Drugs.

After all, any supposed Canadians in Yemen are more than likely just "Canadians of convenience" who expect Canada to bail them out of every jam just because they managed to get their hands on a Canadian passport. Let the Chinese navy save them if they must.

The Royal Canadian Navy has bigger fish to fry.

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