Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Arbour, Duffy, Harper, that Ukrainian piano player, and the reset of Canadian foreign policy

Louise Arbour has gone rogue. Once the darling of the "robust interventionist" crowd, ie R2P, she's definitely been dialling it down recently, to the point where she's gone on record as saying R2P has been a disaster.

The Duffster's trial for financial hanky-panky got underway yesterday. Good old Puffy Duffy was a mainstay of mainstream news in Canada all the back to the 1970's. After decades of sucking up to power he finally realized his dream five or six years ago with an appointment to the Senate.

Alas, when a few media types latched onto his expense claims, Big Steve was quick to throw him overboard. Bear in mind that this was well before those same media types had the crack-smokin' mayor of Toronto to kick around.

Puffy Duffy's padded expense accounts must have seemed like a big score at the time.

We're living a new reality today. Ford be gone but Duffy just getting started. Revenge of the fat fucks.

It's gonna get ugly!

Meanwhile, Big Steve be fightin' evil-doers over there in Syria. Technically speaking, bombing a sovereign state other than your own is viewed as a "war crime." Today the Canadian Air Force of Virtue bombed Syria for the first time, because....


Because Big Steve saw a few votes in being tough on terror?

Who knows?

While all that is going on, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra has metaphorically beshat its own nest by wading into political debates that should be totally beyond its purview. Seems the esteemed Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa is persona non grata at Roy Thompson Hall because she's one of those Uke ingrates who
fails to appreciate the manifold blessings of the Nuland-Pyatt putsch that removed a democratically elected government in her country last year.

The official Canadian response to that particular overthrow of a democratically elected government has been an embarrassment to anyone who still puts the slightest stock in the hyperbole of democracy, free speech, etc.

Nobody cheered this anti-democratic over-throw of a democratically elected government louder than the closet fascists at the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. Because the Ukrainian Canadian vote could be a king-maker in the up-coming election, the Harper Gang has been pandering to those folks in the most unseemly manner for years now.

That's why a piano player made the front page this week.

That's where Canada is at today. We celebrate the overthrow of democratic governments. We blacklist artists who protest. We commit war crimes against states that have never raised their hands against us.

There's an election coming up. Maybe we should start paying attention.

Maybe we should make plans to vote.

It's not too late yet.

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