Sunday, April 26, 2015

How about them Raptors!

After a pretty darn good season, it's been a disappointment to see the Raptors go out in four straight. Mind you, at least till tonight's game, they were for the most part in it.

Don't know what happened tonight... maybe the Leaf's motivation coach gave them a pep-talk before the game? And what's with Casey calling a time out with two minutes and change left, and the team down by 36?

Could that have been his last time out as coach of Toronto?

Mind you, they did mange to close the gap to 31 by the end... so maybe Casey's job is safe.

It was a great series for the old guy, Pierce. Washington signed him last July. He was easily the MVP of the series. How different things might have been had Toronto signed him instead?

Oh well, there's a brand new season just around the corner.

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