Sunday, April 5, 2015

Who we gonna kick around now that we don't have Rob Ford to kick around anymore?

Why, Rob Ford of course!

Bruce Arthur has a front page rant in today's Sunday Star, ostensibly aimed at Ford's appointment to the Board of Directors of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Who cares, you say? Obviously the news-hounds at the Star care enough to give this valuable front page real estate over to sliming the former mayor as opposed to some more newsworthy subject, of which there are ample to choose from.

About eight paragraphs in Arthur makes a point of claiming the moral high ground vis-a-vis Ford's highly public battle with cancer. He wants us to know that his gratuitous anti-Ford diatribe isn't in any way personal and that he wishes the former mayor well... in which case not bothering to write a story with utterly zero news value would have been the way to go.

What I'd like to see is a little more spot-light on the current mayor, who ran the most expensive election campaign in Toronto's history. As an old-boy insider John Tory's life has been a never-ending cascade of serendipitous sinecures that speak volumes about entitlement and class privilege.

The Star invested vast resources in tracking down the so-called Ford crack tapes. They should invest just as much looking for Tory's dirty laundry.

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