Thursday, April 23, 2015

Media darling General Petraeus gets knuckles rapped for spilling state secrets

You remember David.

Former Sultan of Baghdad.

Former Emir of Kabul.

Former Big Boss at the CIA.

The man credited for winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Seldom have so many honours been bestowed on a man who essentially achieved nothing. As a military strategist he was a moron. As a shameless self-promoter, he was without peer.

You may have read about him in Paula Broadwell's best-seller, slyly titled "All In." Seems the General and his biographer had an understanding; if she gave him access to her underpants area, he would give her access to state secrets.

That was a win-win as far as it went, but alas, the shit hit the fan shortly after the General embarked on his sinecure at the CIA. But don't worry for the future of Petraeus; he'll clean up on the speakers' circuit.  He'll be an A-list talking head on the US networks till the day he draws his last breath.

He's got the kind of man's man resume that'll make him a must-have addition to Boards of Directors throughout the military industrial complex. The Paula scandal only made him more appealing to that crowd.

What bothers me is that this charlatan who betrayed state secrets for private gain gets a slap on the wrist, while heroes like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, who betrayed state secrets for the public good, will be persecuted for the rest of their lives.

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