Saturday, April 11, 2015

I've become a Netflix widower

A couple months ago the Farm Manager started this Netflix nonsense. She could download damned near everything that's ever been recorded, and watch it at her leisure

Her "leisure" now takes up pretty much all her waking hours. Apparently there are still 145 episodes of some British crime drama that she needs to catch up on.

Because it's just that great!

And there are hundreds of other British dramas waiting for her after that.... and then we have the Belgian, Dutch, German, and assorted other dramas that are probably really really great and deserve watching.

I personally have not seen any episodes of that crime drama, nor do I have any desire to see any episodes of that crime drama or any other wares available to me on Netflix.

 I thought my life was more or less complete without it...

Apparently not.

Reconnecting with the FM may require me to get the Netflix tattoo.

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