Thursday, October 1, 2015

Israel busts domestic ISIS terror plot

This story is remarkable for at least two reasons.

First, let's look at what is unremarkable. The gist of the tale is that Israeli Arabs, ie citizens of the Jewish State who are not Jews and therefore are not real Israelis, have been conspiring to introduce ISIS type terror into the Holy Land.

No surprises there. The Likudniks have been working overtime for at least twenty years to disenfranchise Israeli Arabs. After all, how can a non-Jew be a full citizen of the Jewish State?

That's what is unremarkable.

The two salient points that are remarkable are these;

  1. This story comes out on the very day that Netanyahu makes his annual presentation at the UNGA. He put on quite a show this year. Perhaps not up to the precedent-setting bomb-cartoon episode, but nevertheless quite impressive. I'm sure those dramatic pauses had a great impact in the Marshal Islands and Canada. But that's not why it's remarkable; everything Netanyahu ever says is considered "remarkable" by the government of Canada. No, it's remarkable because it comes out on the very day that Netanyahu claims his "Arab Peace Partners" are all aboard with his anti-Iran agenda. Those would be the very "Arab Peace Partners" who have been sponsoring ISIS all along. That's remarkable.
  2. The second remarkable fact about that story of Shin Bet busting an Israeli-Arab terror cell is that the word "Iran" does not make even one passing appearance anywhere in the story. Not once. That is REALLY remarkable.
I suspect there's a serious rift between the intelligence apparatchiks and Netanyahu's speech-writers. The speech-writers are reaching out to Netanyahu's base; American senators and congressional representatives.

The speech-writers wrote almost exclusively about Iran, as you heard in Netanyahu's address to the UN General Assembly.

Unlike the speech-writers, the intelligence folks are obliged to engage with the real world. 

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