Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A good news story out of Libya at last!

Yup, there's a brand new Libyan airline taking to the skies!... well, maybe... sort of.

Veteran aviation journo Martin Rivers has this happy story on view; Out of the ashes, a new Libyan airline takes flight.

Seems that the erstwhile start-up promoter Edgardo Badiali has managed to rent at least one airplane long enough to have it painted in Libyanwing colours.

Pretty, isn't it?

And what a boon for a country so hard on the ropes after its generous liberation by the Nations of Virtue!

Alas, the further you get into Rivers' story, the more caveats you trip over. Seems that at least for the moment, the fleet, such as it is, is grounded somewhere in Tunisia.

Then there is the matter of CEO Edgardo Badiali's track record. Yes, he actually has quite an extensive track record, having been instrumental in launching at least half a dozen start-ups in what was once euphemistically referred to as the "third world." As to how many of those start-ups are in the air today... well, you can do your own research.

But here's a clue; generally, it's only Mr. Badiali who walks away from the wreckage.

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