Saturday, October 17, 2015

Strategic voting

The election smurfs have been busy as can be festooning the landscape with red and orange election signs. The blue ones we just take for granted; after all, Larry Miller is the home-boy who has actually, personally, using nothing but his bare hands and his necktie, pulled calves out of the arse end of a cow.

That's something the electorate takes seriously in these parts. Look at Bill Murdoch's career if you don't believe me.

But change is in the wind...

There are concession roads I travel these days where the red and orange signs outnumber the blue. But, given our massively dysfunctional first-past-the-post electoral system, does that mean we can unseat Big Steve?

Yes, but only if the orange guy makes a conscious decision to direct his acolytes to Kimberly Love.

Otherwise, even though the vast majority of local voters voted for someone else, Larry's off to Ottawa again.

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