Thursday, October 8, 2015

General Hillier is right!

Wasn't that long ago that I couldn't imagine agreeing with Hillier on anything.

In fact, we've been a little harsh on Hillier in the past.

Real harsh.

But times change. People change... some people learn from their mistakes.

I'm beginning to believe General Hillier could very well be one of them.

Here he is today tying the refugee crisis to ISIS. He claims ISIS must be "decapitated."

America and her so-called coalition have been playing footsie with ISIS for more than a year with their bombing campaign. Far from decapitating them, they seem to be more interested in ensuring that ISIS gets the weapons they're constantly dropping for those imaginary "moderate" rebels.

You'd almost think that they were, in spite of the rhetoric, actually supporting ISIS in the interests of regime change in Syria.

That would explain the howls of indignation that have arisen in the past week as Putin decided to help the US coalition with their battle against terrorism.

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