Tuesday, October 6, 2015

After 14 years, America's longest war getting longer

And they still haven't won!

Nor will they by making it longer.

US Army boss in Afghanistan, General John Campbell, announced today that "we need a new Afghanistan plan."

No shit.

Here's a plan, General Campbell; fold the tents and go home. Fourteen years is more than long enough!

Remind us what this war was about... sorry, after fourteen years, the memory gets foggy.

Bringing them democracy? Fail.

Liberating the women? Fail.

Letting the kids fly kites? Fail.

Letting girls go to school? Fail.

Crushing terror? General Campbell said today there's more terrorists in the place than fourteen years ago.

Epic fail.

Securing the terrain for oil and gas pipelines? After fourteen years of failure, the stuff isn't worth enough to warrant getting it out of the ground and building pipelines, and if you had to, you could pipe it out of North Dakota, where the US Army hardly if ever has to machine-gun the locals to maintain order.

With all respect, Mr. General, America doesn't need a new plan.

America needs to go home.

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