Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where is Harper's hotline for native women?

Big Steve's been busy devising strategies that appeal to the racist instincts of his base, such as the proposed hotline that old stockers can use if they suspect their immigrant neighbours are engaging in barbaric cultural practices.

Here he is explaining what he means by that, according to the Vancouver Sun;

“We want to make sure these things are brought out of the shadows and the rights of women to their physical safety is protected in this country,” he said.

Yup, Mr. Harper really cares about protecting the physical safety of women, at least for immigrant women. On the other hand, those oldest of old stock Canadian women, the natives, are on their own. They can go "missing" in their thousands and Harper couldn't care less.

This kind of flagrant hypocrisy makes no sense whatsoever, unless of course you filter it through the lens of the racist instincts of the aforementioned base.

Sadly, then it makes perfect sense.

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