Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Canada takes anti-Roma racial profiling to Budapest

The CBC has a telling story on view today about the lengths the Harper gang is going to keep Roma out of the country.

Do a little research and it won't take you long to discover that Roma people pretty much get the dirty end of the stick in many European "Nations of Virtue." Hungary is one of the least hospitable countries on the continent for the Roma. Indeed, before Harper and company got tough on crime and brownish people, Roma were often successful in petitioning Canada for refugee status.

Guess those days are over!

Seems the Canadian Border Services Agency has a team in Budapest to screen Roma who are lined up at the airport for flights to Canada. They can have every relevant travel document in perfect order but be denied their trip simply on some CBSA flunky's suspicion that they could be Roma.

If they were doing this in Canada it would be considered a disgrace. It would violate the Charter of Rights. This policy would be facing multiple court challenges in short order.

So why are we doing it in Hungary?

I guess "Canadian values" don't travel well.

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