Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Four years after NATO destroyed Libya, the ensuing humanitarian tragedy remains Gaddafi's fault

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the murder of former Libyan leader Muamar Gaddafi, facilitated by the core NATO nations plus a gaggle of opportunists and me-too states, and spearheaded by France.

Eccentricities aside, the Libyan people made great strides on virtually every quality of life indicator while the mad dog was at the helm. After "liberation," Libya is a failed state.

France is marking the occasion by lamenting Libya's failed state status in this story at the state-owned news purveyor, France 24; Four years on, Gaddafi's legacy plagues chaotic Libya.

Definitely informative. We learn that "Libya is the biggest slice of Terra Nullius in the world."

We learn that Gaddafi was "quixotic."

Not only that, he was also a "mad dog."

Yup, all of Libya's problems today are due to Gaddafi!

Nowhere in the story is the NATO intervention so much as mentioned in passing! An eight month military intervention by the most powerful war machine on earth, an intervention that totally destroyed Libya, had nothing to do with destroying Libya!

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